Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Brother’s a Champion!

Well, it’s taken me long enough to post this – my brother, who’s now 15, went to the 9th Grade Championships in his district a few weeks ago. They took second place, but were undefeated the whole season until they met up with this team in the end. It was a thrill ride to watch, and they all played a great game(s). I just wanted to say congrats to Michael and his team, we’re so proud of you!!!



During Half Time, my brother and two other team mates decided ( or planned) to take the time to dance instead of practice. They had the whole stands roaring in laughter and singing along to… YMCA!





My brother is the middle “A” below.



In case you want to see them in action…



My kids had such fun, and Jonathan must wonder why all these nutcases are screaming all the time! Yes, we came right after Mass dressed in our Easter best.


100_0605 100_0608


Grandma surprised Mikayla by bringing along her neighbor’s girl who has become great friends with Mikayla over the years.



Our grandparents and uncle came to the games, which was very special. Some asked if we are selling tickets with such a big group!


100_0594100_0613 100_0616 100_0618 100_0622

1-2-3-GO BULLS!




Doris-Jonathan beep


Wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

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