Saturday, April 10, 2010

No rain, but flooded with things to do!

April has only begun and I have so many things I wanted to share with all of you.

First things first – I just finished the First Communion cake for tomorrow.
Bakin a CakeBakin a Cake
I’m truly impressed with my newfound talent. I managed to rearrange our refrigerator to fit it in – because the kids turned up the thermostat to 76*!

Mikayla likes it a lot…
Bakin a Cake
I also took a few minutes to make these spring nests:
Bakin a Cake

While enjoying my beautiful flowers Tom gave me for our 8th Anniversary last Tuesday.
Anniversary flowers    

Police Station Trip
Just the other day the kids joined other local homeschoolers for a field trip at the new Police Station. I was so excited as a fan of CSI, NCIS, Law & Order, etc. Of course there is a LOT less action in this small city. While they only average two homicides a year, they have 50,000 confiscated items including drugs and knives, they have a few hundred vehicles going on auction this month, and a large number of suicides each year. Bummer. I guess I’ll take my odds.

Police Station Trip
Sabrina by the elevator which is surrounded by old police photographs. The top center photo is the first police station. Wow.

Police Station Trip
Sabrina got a buddy for the second half of the field trip.
 Police Station Trip
This is the view from the Chief of Police’s office. Just out in the hall is this Tommy Gun that perked the guys and dad’s interest.

 Police Station Trip          
Jonathan literally hung out with mommy and hardly made a peep the whole time. He was happy and observing quite a bit.
Police Station Trip Police Station Trip
Sabrina held mommy’s hand most of the time, and I was so proud of this kids who made sure they knew where I was at all times and stayed with the group – intently listening.
Police Station Trip
“I know you’re a cop because you are wearing a badge.”
Some wear uniforms, but not all.

We took the tour with a Police Officer in Training. Derek was excellent and so friendly with the children.

Here we are walking down a hallway that had a small storage closet at the end. It felt like the scene from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory where the room as getting smaller.Police Station Trip
Here’s where the cops check in and get their duty bags.
Yes, I laughed! He said “dootie!”
Police Station Trip

Just outside the door is all their vehicles, including undercover cars, swat vehicles, forfieted vehicles mostly from multiple DUIs. The kids got a real kick out of the sirens  and lights he turned on.Police Station TripPolice Station TripPolice Station Trip
We were glad to see the SWAT van all dusty, meaning no major emergencies in a long time.
Police Station Trip
BAG – n – TAG
Police Station Trip
In this room, the police bring in their evidence, bag it, label it, then put it in these lockers. Once closed and locked they can only be opened from the secure facility on the other side. Four people are authorized to go in there, and the Chief is not one of them.

When someone gets in an accident, such as this one which involved a death, there vehicle is permanently stored here until the case is closed. This one was awful, jaws of life were used, and one person died. Very tragic, but glad to see they are thorough.
 Police Station Trip

Here’s our tour guides…
 Police Station Trip

This guy has been a policeman for 27 years and this is his 3rd building he’s been moved into.
Police Station Trip 

Everyone got a sticker Junior Officer badge and some coloring books. It was a fun trip – so go visit your local police station and see what you’re paying taxes for!!! :)

Afterwards, the kids had a picnic on our lawn. It was too cute!

Spring PicnicSpring Picnic Spring Picnic  Spring Picnic Spring Picnic   
Spring Picnic

It’s nice when Daddy’s home during the afternoon for days like this.


  1. Melissa, your cake is breathtaking! Beautiful job!

  2. Wow, Melissa, that cake is wonderfully beautiful!!! HOpe it tasted good too!

    We prayed for Mikayla's special day, hope it was wonderful!

    We had to cancel, we were on the list to go to the Police Station! I had sick kiddos....I did daycare for Sgt Jim Feeny's youngest daughter Mackenzie...she's like 13 now!! He's nice, isn't he?
    I had a policeman's daycare, I had 4 police officer's kiddos!

  3. Can't wait to see pictures of Mikayla's special day! Love the picture of her laying on Tom for the picnic, great memories!

  4. What a beautiful cake!

    Don't you love new found talents? It is amazing what we moms can do when we try!



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