Saturday, April 17, 2010

Photogenic – But Stranger Shy

Jonathan crying 9mth


None of the other children have ever had a problem with going to get their pictures taken. Once they were more mobile they got a little antsy, but yesterday I got my first crier. It’s mostly because he got woken up from his quick nap in the car. But he didn’t want me to wander more than a couple feet away.


Jonathan toes 9mth


But he touched his toes and ears a lot, which was really cute.


Jonathan toes2 9mth

Jonathan ears 9mth


He’s teething, but luckily no drool in these photos. Smiles came by playing Peek-a-boo from Mommy. He wasn’t too sure about the photographer, though she was trying really hard! At one point on his hands an knees, he pushed himself backwards and up into a sitting position (tears streaming!). I, smiling, asked her if she got a picture – because that was the first time he had ever done that! He’d been trying all week to get from lying down to sitting up on his own. He later got his nap while mommy shopped for some summer tees at Fashion Bug.


So here are the final picks for our frames and scrapbooks…


Jonathan @ 9 Months Old


Jonathan 9mth whitefullJonathan 9mth closeup2


Jonathan 9mth profileJonathan 9mth closeup 


A little girl in the next room couldn’t keep her eyes off of my handsome little guy, and she kept coming to visit. He’s a cutie, for sure!


Thanks to JC Penny Portraits!


  1. Oh… know my heart breaks when my babies or grandbabies cry!

    He is so cute and photogenic.
    Great pictures.

    Love you

  2. Looks like he got his cuteness from his mommy. But he will be a real heartbreaker someday.



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