Sunday, May 2, 2010

Days of Unschooling

There is just so much to do when the sun comes up. Sitting down to bookwork has been put on the wayside while we take time to enjoy life and learn from it.

I’ll start with potty training, since that is the constant in our family. Sabrina’s working on it and we plan to be in this stage until this fall when she turns 3.


My current activities are focused on sewing and reading. I am reading my new book called “Raising your Spirited Child.” I laughed and cried through the first couple chapters – as this is so true in our family. It answers a lot of tough questions we’ve had for awhile now.


Either I’m in the mood to be crafty or not. Right now I’m totally in craft mode. I’ve been sewing and scrapbooking up a storm, and the kids are loving it all! Below is a photo of them coloring themselves which we had traced onto cardboard (from Sam’s Club freebies).

Cardboard Me

This is some fabric I bought last winter and I want to make something special with it for my almost 10 month old – but what I have not a clue. PLEASE SHARE ANY IDEAS!?


The local mall has this fabulous playarea that we’ve come to for years since it opened. This is Jonathan’s first time there, and what fun we all had. Everything is cushy/padded, clean and fun.

Crossroads PlaygroundCrossroads Playground
Crossroads Playground
Crossroads Playground
  Crossroads Playground Crossroads Playground
Crossroads Playground Crossroads Playground Crossroads Playground 

Just a few days ago we ventured over to the airport for a field trip with some other homeschoolers. The kids enjoyed going into the hangars to see the planes up close and watch a few take off.

St Cloud Airport field trip

St Cloud Airport field tripSt Cloud Airport field trip

In the training center they had coloring, historical and dot to dot plane books for the kids to work on. It was a nice addition.
 St Cloud Airport field trip St Cloud Airport field trip    

St Cloud Airport field trip St Cloud Airport field trip 
  Little trooper who stayed with me and napped in the training center.
St Cloud Airport field trip   
It’s a lot of fun for the parents too!St Cloud Airport field trip
Happy unschooling days to you!

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