Monday, May 24, 2010

MAY-be a few pictures of us…

Our 8th Anniversary was in April, but finally here is the picture of us at our gourmet dinner experience – Old Country Buffet. That’s where you find the most romantic and pleasurable anniversary celebration with your whole family. No complaints, No dishes.

8th Anniversary Tom-Melissa Michalek


Since the sun started shining we’ve been making more trips to the family farm. There is so much to discover and rediscover there.

 Michalek Farm

p_00065 p_00066

p_00067 p_00068



 p_00071   p_00074

Is there an amusement park ride that can top a bobcat or tractor?




Michalek Farm Michalek Farm

My MIL’s beautiful garden. She deserves this spot.

Michalek Farm


A beautiful flower in my garden I wanted to share with you…



Mothers Day Celebrations


Mothers Day 

Mothers DayMothers Day 

Jonathan is moving around to join us wherever we are…

Mothers Day 

My beautiful Mom and her awesome children…

Mothers Day  

Another mom and her babies I saw that weekend…

Mothers Day


Happy Belated Mothers Day!

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