Tuesday, May 18, 2010

They call me Suzie Homemaker

Yep, yet another cake and crafty candles I made for my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary.


Dresses for my little lady (well, were working on the lady part) …
100_1089 100_1090  
McCalls Patterns are very modest compared to others. The one above is a size 3, so she’ll have to grow into it. I couldn’t pass up this Pooh and Tigger fabric!!! Below is a dress made from a vintage pillow case. It works great as a smock to keep her clean during project time. You can find this pattern online for free. I bought a book full of sewing ideas just from pillow cases.

Craft Time 
PJs for kids and their favorite stuffed animals. This pattern was VERY easy, as it said on the pattern. I made up the Build-a-bear puppy pjs on my own.
Craft TimeCraft Time Craft Time
Jonathan needed a cool quilt and pillow to use in the crib. Only coincidentally did the remnant satin I found at JoAnns on separate occasions happen to be Vikings colors! (Go MN Vikings!) Let’s just say Tom’s a little jealous that I didn’t make this for him…
Craft Time
Found this dolly stroller for free, made a new cover/seat. It’s fun to be thrifty and fix old treasures up!
Craft Time

I’ve been scrapbooking traditionally and digitally with my favorite Creative Memories products. Here’s just ONE of my current projects amongst about a dozen I’ve been working on.
Craft Time
(Book to fill with 4x6 photos) Honestly only took me a few minutes once I picked out which photos I wanted to use.
Who Loves Baby Jonathan - Page 001
Who Loves Baby Jonathan - Page 002
Who Loves Baby Jonathan - Page 003
Who Loves Baby Jonathan - Page 004
Who Loves Baby Jonathan - Page 005
Who Loves Baby Jonathan - Page 006
Who Loves Baby Jonathan - Page 007
Who Loves Baby Jonathan - Page 008
Who Loves Baby Jonathan - Page 009  

And one more fun project to show you… combining photos of my kids for their frames on the wall. Nope – I couldn’t leave them plain!

2010 Portraits of Kids - Page 001 2010 Portraits of Kids - Page 002
2010 Portraits of Kids - Page 003 2010 Portraits of Kids - Page 004  
Yes, this was all very fun – and barely touches on what I’ve been working on this past month.

Happy Crafting!

If you want to know how I made any of these things, just ask!

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