Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Devotional Storytime

While I’ve procrastinated all summer to turn in my homeschool grades and order the new books, IT IS TIME.


Some of my favorites to read to the kids are from Catholic Heritage Curricula. Last school year we read a daily devotional from this book, Devotional Stories for Little Folks:



My second grader was the most interested in this book, learning valuable lessons on how to behave in church and at home – and so much more. It has helped us, including myself, learn more about our faith life and ideas for our daily activities. Thank you Nancy Nicholson!


This year we plan to read Devotional Stories for Little Folks Too:




A continuation of stories for the next level. As well as Rare Catholic Stories:




To catch our 6 year old son onto these books, I am going to read to him one at his level…Bigger Stories for Little Folks





Besides these books, I am simply thrilled with their elementary home study books. Mikayla will remain with Seton Home Study, as she is good with the challenge, but Stanley needs something more fun and easy going – what CHC seems to offer! Of course Sabrina will be enjoying the newest books from CHC for preschoolers…




Please leave me a comment about your experience with these books, and if you have any others to recommend for my Pre-K-3rd Grade students.



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