Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Kissing Corner

by Melissa


Bruce & Pat, engaged in 1978 in the corner of his kitchen have ever since kissed lovingly in their many kitchen corners for family to see. A daily ritual, but it is more than that. Growing up as their children, we always KNEW they were in love. True love. That even after the worst of days, that kiss made troubles melt away. That embrace said "Everything's okay now, I'm here." Their hugs for us kids meant more than any words, any allowance, any vacation, etc. I don’t know many people who don’t enjoy some sort of affection, to be loved.

The Kissing Corner

Me the oldest, Melissa, now kiss my husband Tom often in our kitchen corner - for our kids to see that we're in love.  We hold hands in public – if not holding onto our kids! We let our kids know, or neighbors know, and others know we’re in that Forever Love. Something becoming rarer these days.

I truly believe that parents should be an honorable example of married love to their children. That an open expression of love between spouses is spiritually and scientifically effective.

It is amazing how with modern life being so busy, we forget why we’re working, why we’re married, why we had kids… a kiss, or even a touch, can often bring it all back… if done with love.

So go on, kiss and hug your spouse today! Kiss her like you mean it! Show some lovin' to those kids of yours, be they baby, teen or adult. Though it may feel awkward at first if not already a tradition, “you’ll get used to it!” Each kiss or hug is memory I’ll always cherish!

New Year Celebration Fall at the Farm

Virtual Hugs to all my Pals!


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  1. Ohhhhhh……you are so sweet!
    Would you believe that we were in the new house today after some basketball practice and Michael said “where is your corner”. Dad and I looked around and then I stood in front of the corner pantry door. Dad said “ the pantry corner. So all three of us plus Ginger stood in the pantry for a group hug and kiss. Wouldn’t the realtor been surprised to walk in at that point!

    Love you


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