Monday, September 27, 2010

My angry face

Something makes my heart tighten. A scream, a cry, a whine from my children. And somewhere amidst the shock of the moment, this jumps out to get them…



My Angry Face. It’s ugly I know. Didn’t realize how much until I saw this picture! That would scare the socks off me. But my kids? eh


What did they do this time? It varies every hour of the day.


It could be spilled oatmeal on the floor…


It could be someone not doing as I asked…


It could be someone refusing a haircut despite my ridicule…


It could be someone who just found out a “mess” occurred on the carpet…

or that I just found another project for “him” to do…




How the heck do you get mad

when they look at you like that???


A side note:

My recent great idea, I carry a whistle. They’ve grown numb to my angry face, my mommy stare, my loud voice. But the whistle… oh do they listen!

The neighbors, I think they listen too :)

1 comment:

  1. You are something else……so funny!
    How do you get mad at faces like that is what I said too?
    It sheds a whole new light on things when you blog about it and look at the pictures.

    Love you,


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