Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our house is for sale, not our home.

Since this is my spot to let my mind spill out onto the keyboard…

We’re selling our house. Doesn’t that sum up my life these past 2 weeks?
Okay, a little more detail.

It all began when my Mom was talking with her Mom about possibly moving into adjoining townhomes. While my grandparents dropped the idea, my Mom finally stepped up to the idea that Dad has been patiently hinting at for oh about 3 years. Downsizing. She’s really kicked herself into moving mode when a storm tore up her yard and she found a wonderful place to move to. It’s been interesting going through all those bins of memorable treasures. And yes, we got plenty of hand-me-downs!

For curiosity sake, I checked to see what their competition in the housing market would be like. Tough to say the least. I then was inspired to check on our own home’s market value. To my surprise not bad at all. And the homes we’d like to move to were plentiful and priced right.

Tom was thrilled that I had finally caught up to his idea of moving somewhere closer to work, closer to my family, more land and less house payment. Neighbors thought I was just joking. Friends are shocked at the spontaneity of the idea. I’m simply in go mode. I have to be.

We talked to the realtor, who sold us this house just over 3 years ago. And ever since I’ve been cleaning like a mad woman. My kids tearing it apart right behind me! With those eyes that say “Hey, look! Mom got our toys ready for us!” Jonathan just started walking. Today, we’re almost done. When it is show ready, the sign goes up. phew!

It all seemed so simple at first. You clean, you list your home, you pray to St. Joseph and it all falls into place. Yeah right! I have a sandwich baggie that is jammed with nails and hooks from the dozens of personal pictures and decor I took off our walls. I couldn’t walk down one more hall and see my babies faces on that wall I’m going to sell. I felt like a sinner taking down crucifixes and holy images from every other wall or shelf. (Thanks mom for the pep talk on that one.) I’ve subtly emailed friends to let them know what’s going on, only to have to talk to them…. trying not to cry. That’s why I’m in go mode, so I don’t think about the parts of moving I don’t like.

I’m an expert at this, this will be my 13th move over 31 years. Only the 5th where I got to pick the place!

Sunset rainbow

It’s one thing to sell a house. It’s a whole other thing to sell a home in a neighborhood where you’ve made your friends, your connections and got to know all the back-roads! Tom laughs because “Now that they just built a new Sams Club and Walmart nearby…”

In the midst of it all, I am so disappointed in myself as a teacher. My childrens’ books await them at their desks. But they have no one to show them what to do. It is just too much all at once, but it ALL has to be done. I tell myself, luckily I homeschool so I have the opportunity to just take off for a week or two. At the same time, I wonder how much easier it could be if 2 of 4 were in school somewhere else so I could play, paint, pack and sew with less interruptions. Nope, not worth it. Ugh!

First Day of School - Year 5
At the end of the day, my husband has washed another load of laundry and dishes. My 8 year old daughter has put her little sister to sleep with a lullabye. My boys come in to the office to give me a hug goodnight. The stillness of the night calms me, and I say a prayer of thanks to God for my chaotic life.

Tom’s aunt has always said, “If there aren’t toys to pick up, the kids must be sick. So thank God for the messes.”
My First Farm
Tomorrow, we will worship and praise God at Mass. Next we clean. Then come Monday we list our house for sale. After that we can resume our humble yet crazy lives as a Catholic Homeschool family – just cleaner!


  1. Melissa,

    Wow – this was great! You really have a talent for putting things into words. You should send this to a magazine for moving or to your local newspaper – who knows – maybe you’ve got a future in journalism!


  2. Melissa,

    You are an excellent writer and expresser of your thoughts!

    It’s kind of sad…but on the other hand very wise
    Wish you didn’t have to go through all this, but another rainbow awaits you on the other side.

    Love you
    Mom and Dad

    Darling pictures of the kids

  3. Isn't there a schedule when homeschooling? Things that need to be completed each week? If things are too much, maybe consider sending them to public school so they can get a good education.

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    Obviously you don't know me well and haven't talked about homeschooling with someone who does it. Curious who you are.

    Yes, there is a schedule which we keep - sometimes the start time does vary! That's the beauty of home education. Because we took some time off from our book work, not at all from learning, we will have book work to do the week during holiday break and we will shorten spring break as usual. But we are by no means behind or lacking in any education.

    They get the BEST education here, this I know for certain. Public school is NEVER an option for this family. This is God's calling for us. While we have considered private school, as many do, it is too expensive even with assistance and we keep coming back to the joys of homeschooling.

    The great thing about blogging is I often get great comments from fellow homeschoolers who encourage, help and suggest when we struggle with something - as I do for them on their off days. Even public school teachers have a support group of some sort. I got around 250 who are local!

    And now that I've had my chance to vent, discuss with some friends, I am recharged and ready to get our heads into those workbooks a little more. The kids are such sponges, we learn so much in a day without workbooks. They love hands on, which is my new approach this year.

    Thanks for your concern, but we're happy with our choice to home educate.


Thank you for reading about our family. I look forwards to sharing ideas, joys and struggles. God Bless you in your journey!


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