Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Birthday Party Tradition

My mom always threw fun birthday parties for me, and often still does for all members of our family. It doesn’t matter if family or all my friends were invited, it is always a special day. So of course, I have brought the tradition of birthday parties in to my family. For ages 1-99! My kids know they are special to us, but one day a year is ALL ABOUT THEM.

The Happy Birthday Sign magically appears… same as Mamaw’s. We now make sure to have photos of past birthdays, or scrapbooks out to see how they’ve grown.
The table is set with style and goodies…
Sabrinas 3rd Birthday
The Cake is decorated (by me of course)…
100_1741 100_2028  100_2314 Sabrinas 3rd Birthday
Balloons are all around…
(took yellow smile balloons and added Pooh features)

And Family and Friends show up ready to celebrate!
100_1754 100_2052
100_2316  Sabrinas 3rd Birthday
*Themes: Toy Story 3D, Winnie the Pooh 1st Bday,
Embroidery Party, and Princess of God our King.

Stanley just had to be “the man of the hour.” And who would have thunk that Chicken Noodle Soup from the crockpot with breadsticks would be such a hit? Oh, and save your kids Red Robin restaurant cups, they’ll drink anything in them!

Happy Birthday to my Summer & Fall Babies!

What are your birthday traditions? please comment!

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