Thursday, November 4, 2010

I can’t wrap my head around all these boxes!

Not knowing when we’re going to close on the house is driving me insane. It could be one to two weeks from now. Either number is stressful. But it is really happening. The reality of it all is settling in my mind and heart. At that point where I just want to get to the new house so I can resume life as normal. Everything seems to be on hold right now.


I am beginning to wonder if I packed up too much, leaving nothing for the kids to play with. This picture is of Jonathan who took out mommy’s prayer books because all of his are in boxes. Luckily he was a happy guy. School bookwork is an impossibility right now. Just too much to do. We’re “unschooling” for awhile. Thank the Lord for my Mom and Sister who are coming to help me today. Help me make some sense of this maze of boxes!


It is not until you empty the closets, and uncover all your “projects” that you realize how much you’ve started and never finished.  Tis my life.


God’s Grace – who can do this without it?

..and “I get by with a little help from my friends” and family…


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  1. Oh, Melissa, I understand.
    When we moved here, we had 4 closing dates cancelled and changed, lasting from end of June til Sept 19th when we finally closed!!! We had everything packed for the first closing date, so it just kept that way all summer!! When we finally moved, it was just surreal.

    Like it wasn't really going to happen!

    (the person buying our home couldn't close because of the city buying his home for demolition for the new Hilton Hotels in town, so it was the City that was cancelling all these closings!!! )

    It was a crazy 3 months, but it sure made us appreciate it when we finally moved.

    We DID start school in the mess and took off a week to move and unpack the school room, but it was the first thing that I got ready, besides beds up!

    Prayers coming your way.


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