Thursday, November 18, 2010

Settling In

The kind of “settling in” I need right now is into the new house. But instead, it is “settling in” that we are moving. Today I am sad, thinking about all the friends I am leaving behind. Sad that all my favorite stores (like Crafts Direct) are not at the new place. Sad that I have to make all new friends, and find new friends for my kids. Sad to leave our wonderful church parish. I should be excited, but today… I’m sad and tired. It has settled in now that our house is empty and we will never be in here again. That all the hours and days, over three and a half years, worth of work we put into making this place a home… we will have to start all over again.


We are leaving a house, but not our home. Our children are snug in their sleeping bags at Grandma and Papas house, and we miss them already. That is where my heart is. With them. And that is where our home will always be, until we enter Heaven – our eternal home.


God Bless you all, and good night kiddos.

Happy Thanksgiving, since I will not be writing again until after then.

Tom & Melissa


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  1. Now, you will have to start blogging more after you move so we can all keep up!!

    Think of the move as a wonderful memory for you kiddos!! All kids have to move sometime in their life!! It will be all a good memory in a few months!

    It's an exciting time!

    It's bittersweet though, I understand, it's sad to leave those memories behind, but exciting at the same time, all those new things coming up!!



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