Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fresh Snow Fresh Start

Walking in our new winter wonderland.
The kids have enjoyed some new adventures in our new backyard. We’re not quite sure how far back our property line is, but with everyone’s backyards being solid woods, we’re free to venture all the trails. I only wish I grabbed my camera when the deer walk through our yard, which happens quite often.
First Sledding
Tom joined them to check out the old fort that was left to us, as well as where the paths led.
Through the new woods with daddy

Our “Forever Tree”
Now that I’m familiar with all my local Target stores, I often browse the clearance sections. I’ve been wanting to put a painted or vinyl tree on the wall next to our TV. The area was just so bare after the Christmas Tree went down. On an end isle I found this vinyl/removable tree sticker. The other one had too many bird it would have creeped me out. It went up easy, and I added these tiny gold hooks (found at Home Depot) to hang things on.
Our forever tree in LivRm
Our forever tree in LivRm
I figure each season I’ll have something new to hang up. Advent we’ll have our Jesse tree here, and Christmas it’ll host the 12 days of Christmas, and snowflakes for the rest of winter. Valentines day we’ll put up some homemade hearts. And who knows what I’ll think of for the rest! Honestly, I can’t stop glancing at it – I was so proud of myself for thinking it up. It wasn’t until it was all up that my husband was convinced of the idea. Smile

Apparently the retail market knows I’m on another organization frenzy. SALES! Two months in our new home and I’m still watching for sales on plastic bins, magazine files, etc. Just as you walk into most stores, there it is ready for me to cram into my cart. (Hint: Check out the new Target dollar section)

The room I left until last is my hobby room. I’ll be posting more about it on my sewing and craft blog Modest Mommies. But I thought I’d mention this wonderful idea I found to take your piles of fabric and turn them into mini fabric bolts. Here’s how mine turned out. And yes, they are being stored on an old changing table I got off Craigslist for a fabulous deal.
Organized at last

This idea found at: The little Green bean

I’ve already sewn up all the pants holes that arrived on the moving truck. Next up, hemming pants and sewing some crafty items to sell! At the same time, I’m finding it fun to bake from scratch again and ready for some fun cooking adventures with my kids.

*Once I kick this nasty stomach flu I caught!


  1. Great ideas! Keep'em coming. Enjoy seeing pics of the new place.

  2. Love the tree! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. Your yard is beautiful!! It will be so fun to see what comes up in the Spring!

    You have room for a big garden!
    The tree is pretty--have you seen the ones that cover a whole wall?

    Can't wait to see your new home. Hope you are all doing great!!


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