Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Times

I think a lot. It’s more a condition, that a desire. Therefore I blog, to get it all out of my head. That, and I am the queen of “to do” lists. Thanks to all who gave me note paper for Christmas.

Now that we are moved into our new home, life is coming back together as we remember it.. but better. We’re making , positive friendships – and hoping to hold on to the old ones! We’re getting rid of the clutter in our lives, and not just the things that piled up in our garages.

While we moved for many reasons, one of them was to help refocus our family on the things that really matter.
What matters?
Our Faith matters most. We are happy to be near a few churches that show true virtue and tradition, and generally appreciate us bringing our often antsy children to Mass. There’s nothing like a good crying room at church!
Our Family matters a whole lot. We are thrilled to be only 30-40 minutes from our family that we share common goals with. We cherish our time with them so much, and being nearer to them means more happy times together without having to make it a long drive and whole day thing. We can just “stop by!” The kids are so excited. We are also looking forward to more family time with Tom, since he will be only a few minutes from work.
Our Finances our always on our minds. With a lower house payment, we look forward to engaging the kids in more local activities, perhaps ballet for the girls?
Our Future is in the planning. We are looking forward to many days in our beautiful yard, complete with privacy we didn’t have before. The kids will always be kids, not liking school book work, but I know I can come up with MANY new hands on lessons they’ll like in our new school area. And we’ve already begun making new homeschool friendships with the locals! And of course, the big event – my sisters wedding this summer. So excited for it all!

We’re happy here, away from the distractions. Of course we miss our dear friends, whom we hope to visit with soon. To anyone who is reading, and enjoys my blogs, thanks. I appreciate your time and kind comments.

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  1. Yay! Happy to hear that you are finally "home"! I pray all goes well in getting settled and Blessings in the New Year! Merry Christmas!


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