Friday, March 25, 2011

And she danced


Mikayla went to the community ed’s Hip Hop dance lessons for 9 weeks. Last night her group and others performed – for most it was their first performance ever. We are so proud of her for trying, doing very well and getting up in front of all those parents, grandparents and strangers.


Her teacher was excellent, and we thank her for this opportunity to step out of the box and try this without the pressures (or prices) of a typical dance studio. Thanks for family who came to watch & cheer her on!


Mikayla’s performance 1 of 2


Thanks mom for the rose – she loves it! She just wishes her cold would go away so she could smell it.


Afterwards we went to McDonalds to enjoy a special treat and wear off all the kids energy. We do this whenever the household gets a little crazy. I can’t help but smile and laugh every time they come to a window and yell “Mommy, look Mommy!” Even little Jonathan. Melt my heart.



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