Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fishing for more ideas


I am so tired of dead fish. After many returns, we have finally found a reliable resource for deciding when our tank is ready for fish. And thus far, it is not a cycled tank and therefore – no fish until further notice. Ugh! Of course, the kids have NO IDEA why. Even I am confused by the science of it.
Example: Stanley saw me adding “Water Conditioner” to the tank.
He asked if I was going to also add shampoo. Smile

So we continue our Sea Life activities, which I am excited to share!

We are going to visit the new Sea Life Aquarium at the Mall of America, since it is not too far away and worth the drive. I am heading up getting a group of homeschoolers together, as their prices for us going together can’t be beat! The timing of the grand reopening couldn’t be better!

Sparkling Clean Aquariums (or fish bowls) – my own ingenious idea!
Supplies you’ll need:
Cardstock or construction paper
aluminum foil
press ‘n seal or roll of clear laminate
School glue
blue glitter
scissors and a black writing tool

1. Draw and cut out your sea creatures, simple or complex. Decorate with the black marker.
2. Wrinkle your foil and then flatten, shiny side up.
Add glue in wavy lines and sprinkle with blue glitter. Shake around to cover glue in blue!
3. Preplan, then arrange your sea creatures on top of the foil, layering and adding just a drop of glue behind each.
4. When you are finished, it is optional to add a few sprinkles of glitter, some flat gems for bubbles, be creative.
5. Then cover the entire image with Glad Press’nSeal clear wrap, pressing it down with the palms of your hands from center outward.

6. Cut or fold under the edges to seal in everything and neaten.
For a fish bowl, curve the bottom edges. Fold forward the top edge for a rim.
100_3378 - by Mikayla 8
7. For a fish tank or aquarium, glue 4 strips of cardstock around the edges.
100_3376 - by Sabrina 3 and Mommy
100_3377 - by Stanley 6
Jonathan just liked me holding him and playing with the paper fishies!

Goldfish for Dessert
-Blue Jell-O, Mandarin Oranges, Whipped Cream and Gummy Fish
*The kids thought it was funny that we put the fish (sticks) in the oven, and the goldfish came out of the fridge. Yet we want to keep a few in a tank just to look at??

Goldfish crackers are of course a quick pick!

A local homeschooler led me to this wonderful site that has paper crafts you can print for free. Cannon Creative Park. It had some mini aquariums, and wanted to share this clown fish (Nemo and Marlin) aquarium. I have yet to assemble it, but I’m giving it a try.
Recycled Sea Life Creatures Craft
I’d like to try out this recycled squid craft, since my kids love to dig in the recycle bin and reuse! I also have lots of googly eyes that always make me and the kids giggle!

The Go Fish card game is great for the little ones, as well as this great idea by Bread and Buttons – perfect for my new love of embroidery! Embroidered Magnet Fishing Game tutorial here.  Mikayla took on this project, her first embroidery project, and it turned out wonderfully!

I wasn’t feeling the blah saltwater image I printed for the back of our tank, so I went Disney on it! I found these png images online and merged the little mermaid background with some of the Disney underwater characters. So much cuter, and the kids got really excited. The Disney fish peek out from behind the heater and filter pipes.

aquarium background

 If you want the file, Click on the image. When it comes up larger, right click and "Save Picture As" It fits on two 8.5x11 pages behind our 10 gal tank. How I printed it: Using MS Publisher, I opened a two page view, added the picture to cover both pages, then clicked print (onto 2 8.5x11 photo papers). Sorry, I do not know other ways to print it onto two pages.

And to show you how much we like Nemo, he helps us find our van all the time!

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