Monday, March 14, 2011

Something is Fishy Around Here

Okay, I think this is round 4 getting fish into our tank. Our water tested perfect today, so I went for it. We got two guppies and two neon tetras. St. Francis, pray for us.

Motion Cups Craft
by Melissa @ St. Brigid’s Academy Blog ©2011
Still in crafting mode, I came up with this idea on my own while playing with my 3-year-old who loves Ariel. This might remind you of Crayola’s glow dome, which we happen to have and think is really cool. But here’s a homemade idea.
1. Take two tall plastic cups (clear), construction paper, black pen, scissors and glue.
2. Draw/Cut Out your STILL items and your MOVING items. Think fish, ships, cars, leaves, snow, etc. Something like this perhaps, which I “whipped up” out of my imagination today.
Mermaid in a cup
3. Paste layers of still items on one cup, moving items on the other. Stack together.
4. Turn one cup or both for fun effects!
Our Little Mermaid in a cup!
Ship in a cup! Can you see the shark?

Another ship in a cup. Disney’s Little Mermaid playing in the background.

Some Crayola ocean coloring fun:

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