Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where to put it all?

It’s been a different life around here now that Tom’s back to his Spring work schedule. He leaves around supper time, and arrives just before I’m ready to wake up. Between that and the time change, it’s really thrown us into a new pattern of staying up late and waking up later. But it’s routine this time of year, for the past 9 years, yet a learning process every time. Having him home in the afternoons has been nice for daytime fun. The other day we went to Cabela’s to see the zoo-like displays there, live freshwater fish tanks and the kids even fed the fish! Relaxing, free fun just miles away. Here are some pictures when we went in 2009.
Cabelas Sporting Store Safari animals.Cabelas Sporting StoreCabelas Sporting Store
Cabelas Sporting Store
Target Practice with Daddy:
Cabelas Sporting StoreCabelas Sporting Store
Cabelas Sporting Store
North American animals:
Cabelas Sporting StoreCabelas Sporting Store
Cabelas Sporting StoreCabelas Sporting Store
Cabelas Sporting Store
This morning after we got the day started, which went very well, the doorbell rang. It’s spring break for the locals, so we thought it would be the neighbor girl. Nope, they screamed of a red box being dropped off. What!? I didn’t order anything. But after opening, I’m not sending it back! Did anyone else get a red box today – from Colgate?
It is packed full of toothbrushes, books, song cd and more for what looks like PreK- 1st Gr. Colgate’s teacher links click here. According to their website, they are not taking any more orders for free kits. So who ordered mine? Thanks if it was you!
I thought I’d share our entryway ledge display for Lent. It’s a bigger space than our last house, so I can do so much more with it.
100_3413 The crucifix and Bible were from my bridesmaids, and I am so happy to display them in such a meaningful way. I added the crown of thorns from my hubby’s Jesus costume. The dice brought up good discussions – about the soldiers’ games for Christ’s clothes.
I’d like to add some 6 inch nails. What other items would you suggest?

The rest of the house has fallen apart around me. The dining room is now our main school area, taking every square inch I have. But it’s just too cold in the basement right now. The walls and cabinets are our project display areas. I don’t mind these…
and the kitchen island is grand central station for everything that needs to be put somewhere else! eeek!
Any extra counter space I have is turning into our greenhouse for our May flowers and other science projects.
We may not have it all together, but Together we have it all!
Sadly, you had to see this mess on:
Family Art for Blog

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