Friday, May 6, 2011

Warm Moments

I've been waking up earlier lately as my husband leaves for work. He gets some great sunrises. Pray for him, since he's only got a week of work left before layoff. Not sure where he'll go next, but he has some leads. Same as it's been the past 4 years.


The kids enjoy breakfast and most meals at their toddler table.


We get our school done, get some playtime outside, and soon it's time for evening activities - including Karate. Sabrina's Mighty Dragons class is first, and we are so impressed by her skill and obedience. Plus she's cute!


Last session she earned her white belt.100_3839100_3850

We all watch and clap.


Soon it's time for the big kids to earn their white belts and promise to work hard towards their black belt! Mr. Teachout is an excellent teacher, so very good with the kids - and he knows them all by name.



Thanks for taking a peek into our day!

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