Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting Ready

Even though your world can get turned upside down, as with our current restoration of our house after the storm… Life still moves forward. While I pick out the new flooring and keep the kids away from the construction crews, I am also prepping for my sister's wedding this weekend.


SPOILER ALERT, if you are family and want to wait until after the wedding to see some things, read this later!


One of the big to-do's for us girls is the hair and makeup. So Sabrina, the flower girl at just 3.5 yo, has hair just long enough to add her first curlers. She is pretty wiggly, but she loved the experience (and mommy's attention). After all, she is my princess. This is her test run.


I had curlers leftover, so Mikayla got a makeover too. She'll be a greeter at the wedding. A perfect job for my most social and caring child.



Hello Shirley Temple!


The next day, all curly, we joined my mom and sister for lunch at Olive Garden, and then onto the nail salon to have those boyish dirty toes spiffed up. They got their daddy's nails, and I hate trying to give pedicures. So I spoiled them with their first spa pedicure experience. Worth every penny!



BEFORE (ewww!):


AFTER (much better):


Reminded me of when I first painted Sabrina's nails……

Dainty NailsDainty Nails


The whole gang's here….




Once we got by the nail area, I couldn't take the smell. This pregnancy my nose picks up everything. But the nausea is gone, if I eat frequent small meals and stay away from the stinks of this world.



Since most people don't take the time to look at the Bride-to-Be's toes, here's my sister and her pedi that screams "I'm getting married!" Can you tell which baseball team she likes?


Mine and my Mom's turned out really cute too! So classy in red.



Here's a quick pic of Bride-zilla…


getting her manicure. love you sis!

- yes those are fake claws that get clipped down to size.



Yesterday and today I've been sewing in my makeshift crafting area in our MBR since my craft room is being demo'd.



After much research and debate, I decided to add sleeves to my strapless bridesmaids dress. I followed a pattern I found on's blog. Normally it would be easy, but this required me to unstitch some sections of an expensive dress days before the wedding. I was shaking the whole time. Having my inexperienced tailor (husband) do the pinning didn't help my nerves. It looks better on me than on the hanger. (That's a first!)



Spoiler… I made the cutest apron to cover my daughter's flower girl dress during the reception. If you peeked, Isn't it the cutest!? It's the same material I made my sister's bridal shower dress from. Added white lace and beading. It's basically half a dress. Super easy to make.





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  1. Love seeing little bits of the wedding. Can't wait to see the rest!!!

    Prayers and blessings to your sweet sister and her hubby to be!!


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