Monday, July 25, 2011

Pregnancy Cravings

I am actually excited for pregnancy cravings this time around. We have a small eating out budget due to our remodel. This allows me to say, hmmm I'd like:

Sparkling Lime Water (that's a first…water craving?)


Taco Bell Chalupas



or LeAnn Chin's rice with a little of every entree!


or Olive Garden's Mixed Grill and salad, Applebee's anything, or TGIF's Japanese Hibachi Angus sirloin skewers


or Denny's chicken noodle soup or Grand Slamwich.



and some plums for dessert


Of course carb counting for a diabetic diet puts some reigns on this gal.


Oooooh - now I'm hungry! See ya!


note: all pictures are borrowed from Google Images.

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