Saturday, October 1, 2011

Close enough

We're not finished redecorating our house after the remodel and finding out the gender of our next little bundle of joy. But done enough to show you all!


We decided that we aren't the best family to have a table and chairs with painted top and padded seats. It's just been met with spills and scratches. So when we came across this beauty, I was sold! My favorite part, the hickory top to match our cabinets and a bench for the little ones to share! This plus a highchair and we're ready for a Table for 7, at home anyways.

Our New Table


The girls' room is still a work in progress. I took off those awful doors and draped Sabrina's fairy curtains in their place. My girls got a lot of clothes, so we brought down Sabrina's dresser too. I plan to paint a fantasy tree and flowers on the wall, it's all in my head. We sold the bunk beds, and we decided to search for a twin over full bunk bed. So the girls are bunking upstairs with the boys for now.

Girls Room


As if we didn't have enough to do, I nudged Tom to paint the fairy pink room over with serenity green. Not for the baby, but for Stanley our 7 year old.

Sabrinas RoomSetting Up the Boys Rooms

Setting Up the Boys Rooms

As you can see Stanley didn't waste any time moving in. He also loves his new big boy bed with the best view in the house - all those colorful trees. Lots of room for those Zhu Zhus and army men.

Setting Up the Boys Rooms


Now why would we do that!?


Because we had to make room for Edward (Eddie) Joseph Michalek!

Baby 7 - Boy

When he's not in the bassinet by Mommy, he'll eventually be bunking with Jonathan in the blue Disney characters room.

Setting Up the Boys Rooms


The name is still up for debate. We've also considered "David Michael" and "Daniel Joseph." But we have until mid-February for that to be settled on.


So yes, it's a boy! We are so excited to have our boys just 2 years apart - playmates. While our girls are currently 5 years apart, and so are the older boys. We are still soaking it all in, having 3 boys. Tom's first comment was "at least they won't be arguing who gets to use the bathroom." Implying, if it's busy - they'll just go outside in the bushes. Luckily I have two girls to do lady things with.


Love you all - got so much more to do before bedtime. Oh wait, it is bedtime! Goodnight!


  1. Yahoo!! How exciting!!! How fun to change around the rooms and get all this ready!!

    Everything looks great!

  2. So fun to know you are having another little boy! The rooms look great, must be a lot of fun, and hard work, getting everything done. God bless you all...


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