Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chore Charting

Priorities: Those things you need to do before anything else gets done.
Procrastinator: Someone who lets their priorities get put on the backburner, until the last minute arrives. Leaving them anxious.
Homeschooler: A person who's priorities are changed by the minute because LIFE HAPPENS. And they're okay with it.

Chore Chart
There is so much going on here, I need to stay on task. I've revised our successful chore chart to be in order of daily to-dos.
Make Bed & Get Dressed
Eat Breakfast & Brush teeth
School Work & Reading
Playtime & Chores (listed by the day)
Homework Complete
Bedtime 8:30pm
Immediate Obedience
Mommy's Happy Helper

Daily Musts for Sanity and Sanitary needs:
Chore Chart
  • Sunday Service (Good Behavior at Mass)
  • Monday Messes (Major toy cleanup)
  • Tuesday Toilets (Bathroom cleanup)
  • Wash it Wednesday (Wash Floors & Windows, after craft time)
  • Thursday Trash (Get garbage out)
  • Friday Folding (Laundry Day)
  • Saturday Shoe Closet (Entry Way Cleaning)

**Person with name on chart the most gets to pick the next Red Box movie for the weekend, or can opt for the $1 bill. [Mom & Dad not included, or we'd win every time!]
*Everyone gets a treat for their efforts.

A friend of mine also suggested if you like email reminders and helpful hints. And of course there are many self help books on the subject.

Side note: Sewing has been slipped in the schedule for our multitude of costume days ahead! You can read all my ideas at my sewing blog, Modest Mommies!
Disney CostumesDisney Costumes

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