Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for guidance from the Holy Spirit:

Incase you missed it, we're on a Soul Diet. A New Year's Resolution with nothing to lose, but much to gain. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, written by my hand. May be helpful for your new year?

2012 New Years Resolution - Full Page12012 New Years Resolution - Full Page2


Thankful for dream interpretations that are helpful:

Most of you know I am pregnant. About 8 months along now. If it interests you, here is a link to my current Third Trimester Nightmares and the interesting interpretations that have lead me to believe they actually have something to tell me about myself.

Growing in Grace: Third Trimester Nightmares


Thankful for a sense of humor:

On that same note of being pregnant and insightful, apparently I have a "famous face" detector built in…

Growing in Grace: My Famous Family


Thankful for my marriage:

My Dad, who looks a little like VP Cheney, is an excellent philosopher and Catholic Deacon. This past summer he gave an inspiring homily at my sister's wedding. If you want some inspiration for your marriage, or want to share a message with an engaged or "should get married" couple….

A Wealth of Wisdom: Wedding Homily for My Daughter


Thankful for my creative abilities:

Modest Mommies


Thankful for leftovers:

The Michalek Kitchen: Savory Sausage and Egg Bake


My Family from

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