Friday, May 18, 2012

Yearbooks for Homeschoolers

A great new place for homeschoolers to create their yearbooks! For years now, my mom and I have individually been creating yearbooks for our homeschool groups. We (and others we know) started with copying traditional scrapbooked pages, which is hours of work and supplies that don't copy well. A few years ago we moved to digital creations using MS Publisher. It works, but it's still a grand effort to get pictures from your group. Using a traditional yearbook company was out of the questions because of the cost to print only a few books.

So when I saw this Yearbook presented as an idea from a homeschool group member for our yearbook this year, I was simply thrilled! It's low cost and group participation is just what we needed. I thought for all you homeschoolers out there, you might be searching for just this thing too!

So before you get started hand cutting, or begging for photos from your group, take a look at TreeRing Yearbooks!


Top 10 Reasons to Join TreeRing Yearbooks

There is $0 financial commitments from schools. With TreeRing there are no minimum orders, no commitments, no deposits and no left over books. Parents buy directly from TreeRing and we only print what is purchased. No waste and no cost for schools or PTA/PTOs. view testimonials


Parents and students can add their own photos and memories into their copy of the yearbook. You can add anything: pictures of best friends, what you want to be when you grow up, your artwork. Everything is printed in just your book. Every yearbook includes two custom pages for FREE. Additional sets of two pages can be added for $3.99 see some personalized pages

3. Great for the Environment
TreeRing’s environmental roots go deeper than our name. We have a strong commitment to the environment and protecting the planet that our children will inherit. We plant a tree for each yearbook purchased. In addition, we print all of our books on recycled paper. sign up

The second biggest complaint about traditional yearbooks after "my child is only in the yearbook twice," is "and the yearbook costs too much." We’ve done our best to keep a very low price for parents and students by investing in technology to efficiently print our high quality books. see the pricing calculator
[Example: (with a new school signup 20% discount by June 15) a 20 page book is under $9, 52 pages $15, and a 100 page book is $27. That's simply amazing!]

TreeRing’s yearbook builder is designed to be very user friendly. It’s intended to be easy enough for a parent to create a couple of custom pages in the 5 minutes they have between having dinner with the family and putting the kids to bed. In addition, TreeRing is also robust enough for a yearbook administrator to create a brilliant looking yearbook. see for yourself

6. Full Color, High Quality Books, Hard or Soft Cover
TreeRing offers the finest in print quality using the latest print technology. All our books are in beautiful full color. We offer both a hard cover and soft cover. Our hard cover books are laminated and soft cover books are U/V coated for extra durability and protection. contact us and we’ll send you a sample

Want to add a fundraiser amount to the price of the yearbook? With TreeRing you can add any amount to the price of the yearbook as a fundraiser and the entire amount is sent to you at the end of the year. For example if the price of your TreeRing yearbook is $13.00 the school can choose to add $2 to the price making it $15 to purchase a yearbook to parents. TreeRing then sends you $2 for each book purchased. So if 500 yearbooks are purchased, we send the school a check for $1,000. No processing fees, no credit card fees, 100% of the money raised is returned to the school/organization. see pricing & fundraising options

8. Include the entire year! Only 4 Weeks to Produce & Deliver
Other companies require your yearbook to be finished as early as March and sometimes even February or January. What about the baseball team? What about prom? Now they can be included! TreeRing’s use of the latest in digital printing and online technology allows us to dramatically speed up the processing time. Once your book is ready we’ll have them printed and delivered to your school in 4 weeks or less, including shipping time. see the demo

Have a great shot of the whole gang you think others will want in their book? TreeRing makes it easy to share photos and share pages with others in your community as well as outside to Facebook and Twitter. Now you don’t have to wait until the book arrives to show off that great personalized page you made. see the demo

TreeRing provides plenty of themed templates to help get you started on your yearbook. The themes are extremely flexible and allow you to change anything on them or alternatively you can always start from scratch. Additionally, you can choose from thousands of different ClipArt and backgrounds to create the perfect page. see the demo

Thanks TreeRing for making our lives that much easier!

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