Monday, July 23, 2012

Family Time

It's about forming real, meaningful relationships. It's not just getting together on the holiday, but to make everyday moments special too. It's making sure everyone feels welcome, and occasionally entertained. It's a time when no one feels awkward or left out. It's having conversations about your world, whether it's inside your home, out and about, at work or global. You just need to have a two way conversation. But don't forget to clap when you change subjects or the men get lost in the conversation.



Happy 3rd Bday to my little Iron Man who finally got his Capin Merica [Captain America] scooter. Prior to this day he'd stand tall on my bathroom scale. I'd ask him what he was doing. He'd say "I'm getting bigger so I can ride my Capin Merica  scooter on my birthday." He believed the scale itself made him bigger, as if it charged him up! I made him this Iron Man T-shirt that he could wear anywhere. He specifically wanted the Iron Man 2 triangle chest piece, not the Iron Man 1 circle piece. So cute, Jonathan. We just entered a video of him to America's Funniest Videos doing his thing in his Iron Man mask! Crossing our fingers!


Eddie 5mths Old

Happy 5 months to my little peanut, Eddie. He didn't step on the scale, but he sure is growing. He talks by making a growling sound. I know it's just baby talk, but it's new for him and still exciting for us!

Eddie tells us the whole story!

Edward's First Meal

He had his first tastes of organic bananas and homemade squash - but he doesn't want anything to do with that mush. Of course he loved munching on a piece of my zucchini bread! He seems to prefer texture?

Pioneer Park

On a recent field trip, he did this thing where his toes were up in the air the whole time. I just had to tickle and eat them up. :)


Mikayla Launderer

Mikayla has been a real Mother's Helper. She doesn't always like it, but she can do it. This lovely picture is her looking at the laundry tub at a local pioneer village field trip. She of course prefers the electric washer. She's looking so grown up lately… it's just a matter of me blinking and she will be.



Stanley's godparents came to visit, and they saw what a big boy he's become. He's wearing a Thor t-shirt costume I designed and made for him. He LOVES the cape. His godfather called him Thor most of the day, to which Stanley just smiled back.


Daddy and Thor showing off their muscles with tattoos. Stanley, Mikayla, Sabrina and Jonathan are all building their muscles at weekly Gymnastic lessons. We finally found an activity that fits us well. Daddy's muscles come from lots of hard work in this 90-110 degree weather fixing the cooling towers at a local coal power plant.


Sabrina is really that middle child, who just blends in with the rest most days. She always makes it a point to come over to me a few times a day, give me a gentle or wild hug, and let me just give her the lovin she needs. On her off days, she's the only one you notice - as she sings loudly in the restroom, finds new ways to entertain herself and Jonathan, loudly proclaims that someone has wronged her in some way, or raises her already high voice to talk to Eddie. She's starting Kindergarten this year, and she's very excited about her Tumble Bug gymnastics lessons continuing. My persistent, bubbly ball of energy I believe will really surprise us as she grows up.


I love them all so very much.

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