Friday, August 31, 2012

Education of Choice

Impressed by last night's topic of Education at the RNC? I was.


Education is wavering and the plans by the Republican party not only support children in the public schools, but those in charter, private and home schools. It puts into place not only stronger teacher accountability, but also a family's freedom of choice of schools they want to attend. Plans for the education of our children should be an important part of our voting decision this election.


I do believe Teacher's Unions have their place for sufficient wages, benefits and legal support. But because of their existence, many teachers are no longer are held accountable as individuals and their students are failing because of it. Students First should be the obvious route.


As a homeschooler, we have no wage bargaining or tuition funding. Our focus IS our children. I can only imagine that a turn in the right direction politically will let the world see education the way we do.


That's not the only element on the line… Visit me at Growing in Grace for my thoughts on the rest of the politics!


  1. Education certainly is changing and it comes from state mandates that dictate everything teachers do. Children aren't failing because of teachers. Children are failing because teachers CAN'T put them first anymore. Between budget cuts, schedules, and state assessments there is no longer time to do our jobs the way we know is best. This is my 30th year teaching art and I love what I do. Only problem is they have increased my load to 900 students, K-5, six classes per day back to back, running between 2 schools everyday, with no time to breath. Not what is best for kids (or me). I have no choice if I want to earn money to put my own 3 children through college. After all the clean up and prep for the next day, I go home to them and start my other full time job. I also teach Religious Ed at our Catholic Church. Please be careful about making teacher comments. There are many parents who do not fully understand what is happening in the schools and teachers should be valued.

    I wish you all the best in your homeschooling. Pray for teachers and God bless you.

  2. MANY families struggle with working longer hours, increased workload, sometimes second jobs, and trying to find family time and time to volunteer. That's not school related, that's life.
    I certainly understand your position as a teacher is a valued one, and is becoming more difficult because of cuts being made. Our job as home school teachers is often met with challenges of budget and standards. We may not have the student load, but we do understand your concerns with the current education system - that's why we home school!

    I hope to follow up with a post on education and what I hope the government will and won't provide.


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