Monday, August 27, 2012

End of Summer Brag Post

We didn't vacation as usual this summer. In fact, it was so hot and buggy, we barely got outside. But we were way too busy to notice. Here's some quick takes of our August and the fun we've had.


Homemade t-shirts made to spot my kids in a crowd. Great at the family reunion!

Wicks Family Reunion


Our backyard vacation spot!


Mikayla 10th Birthday

Swinging with Grandma


A day of happy helpers!

Helpful Morning Helpful Morning Helpful Morning


A summer of sweaty gymnasts!

Mikayla at Gym Gymnastics at MN Aerials

Jonathan at Gym Sabrina at Gym


Welcoming a new family member - our nephew

New Parents Melissa and Benjamin

Eddie's not the baby anymore, 10 lbs bigger and 6 months older than Benjamin. 

Eddie and Ben

Everyone is so happy to see the first cousin on this side of the family!


Happy Birthday to our double digit daughter! Mikayla is 10!

Mikayla 10th Birthday

Mikayla in Grandma Pats bridesmaid dress



and Eddie just turned 6 months old…

edward 6mth


I blinked. Everyone's growing up so fast. :(

Thank goodness I bought a new camera that has a shutter speed of 1/4000! I don't think I can blink that fast?

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