Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sending Some Love

Florida Vacation 2013

I've been absent from the blog world for awhile. It may be even longer, as I put my family first over the computer. So here's some love from all of us here at Homegrown Catholics!

Tom and I have celebrated 11 years of Marriage!
Eddie and our new Tablet
We all learned how to use a tablet.
Florida Vacation 2013
Some learned how to drive at Legoland in FL. (So serious)
Saint Louis MO
We stopped at some great places in our great nation this year. Learning a lot about the The Westward Expansion and the Civil War after 150 years.
Florida Vacation 2013dscn2644
We loving spending time with family as much as possible.
dscn2637Florida Vacation 2013Stanley First Communion
And we're trying not to get into too much trouble. Everyone's growing up.

(Eddie took a "second bath", Sabrina lost her first tooth, and Stanley made his First Communion.)

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