Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our Favorite things in May

The Month of May was a busy time for us, and it seemed everyone else was too.

We attended a beautiful wedding reception at the MN Zoo in the same room where the sharks, dolphins, and sea horses swim. Sabrina got a good upclose look at the dolphins and the kids had an absolute blast playing with the starfish and mini-sharks. The food was delicious and different than any other reception meal I had had. Champagne and a ceasar salad follwed by a tasty wild rice and ricotta-stuffed chicken breast with seasoned potato wedges and veggies, then dessert shots and coffee. The kids got chicken fingers, apple sauce and a fruit platter. To wear it all off, Tom and I cut a rug pretty good after a few weeks of practice at home and at the Dance With Me Studio's Saturday night lessons. Many homeschooled teens go there for good clean fun, as well as the parents and other couples and singles. I'd suggest it for everyone! And what a place to have a reception of any kind, especially if there will be children invited!

We finally got sick and tired of telling the kids to stop playing with the front rocks and risky dirt in the back - and built them a sandbox. It's about 9x6 and only has a little bit of sand in it for now. But even so, they are having so much fun. The neighbor's granddaughter says we should get a trampoline, but my overcautious mothering says "No way in heck! That's just asking for an injury." I think we go out on a limb just by having kids, and letting them lose with their own imaginations to guide them!

Mikayla is learning to read and just loves books - and so do the other kids. As you can see our "reading room" with no tv or other distractions is just right for them. I look forward to many hours of storytime and imagination in this room.

We found two wonderful Little People books at Sam's Club that have images and words about worlds my kids may only see in the movies, but never knew what they were called. Even 4 yr old Stanley points out his favorite things to baby Sabrina.

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