Monday, July 21, 2008

Good News

Well, the ultimate Good News is that God loves us!

But on another note of good news, our prayers have been answered.

Last Wednesday I was at Jamie's home for her daughter's birthday party with my daughter. My phone rang and it was the Office Team / Accounting Temps office calling to tell me about a job they wanted me to interview for. It seemed a perfect fit - they wanted someone with my excellent computer skills for their billing department, but also someone with a history/knowledge of marketing and graphic arts. And to top it off, they wanted someone who would "wow them with their personality." Even the pay was exactly what I was looking for. That is me in a nutshell! Of course I set up an interview time and was very overwhelmed about going back to work. I took a minute, told Jaime, and just pondered the possiblity. I started to pray to God and St. Joseph (since we'd been saying the St. Joseph Novena) asking them to step in the way if this was not meant to be. That Tom would have to get a job offer today if I wasn't meant to go to this seemingly perfect position.

Not 10 minutes went by and Tom called me. He didn't say "hello" or "how's it going." He said, "St. Joseph just answered my prayer!" A friend of his had gotten a message about some work, and since he was already working - he called Tom to make sure he had heard about it too. The company he usually works for during the summer got some new work remodeling Cub Foods, but the lead on the job didn't have Tom's phone number and was only calling those he had numbers for. As soon as Tom called this guy, he was so thrilled to hear from him - he really wanted Tom to come to work. Now, I'll tell you that this job will only last a few months. But it is a paycheck none-the-less. We are thrilled. And we hope that it will last until the next jobs come up. The hospital is remodeling starting in November, and the power plants he always works for Fall to Spring start somewhere between August -November. So keep praying.

Tom just wants what any other husband with a family wants - a secure job. We are so tired of this roller coaster of work and layoffs, having enough money and not, wondering where he's going next. Whether or not he'll be working tomorrow. In fact, he had last Friday off at the last minute, so there is no telling what even this job will bring. So we still stay prayerful and frugle.

Back to my decision - Later that day, I had to make a decision... take the job of my dreams and make us some extra cash till Tom finds solid work, meaning the kids go to Grandma's if she'll even take them. Or I make that choice once more to be a stay at home mom. This time there are so many more strings attached than 6 1/2 years ago. But I did it. God had answered my prayers, so I knew it was the right decision to stay at home. To homeschool. To live my life as God wills it. We may be giving up financial security, but I trust that if God is behind us - what can be against us and what do we have to fear?

Tracy sent me an encouraging card and very generous gift to help us out after I posted the A Time to Give and a Time to Recieve blog. In her touching card (with a pretty rainbow drawn on the back by a family member) it said, "I wonder if this is what the Holy Family had to go through?" I thought about that long and hard. Are we like the Holy Family?

Tom's a carpenter, I'm a homeschooling mother, and we're just trying to follow God the best we can. I am sure they had hard times, Joseph trying to sell things, Mary chasing after Jesus whereever he may wander. Trying to raise holy children in a secular world.

to be continued

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  1. Yeah! The Lord is faithful! What an amazing story!

    Blessings to you and your family!


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