Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just my imagination

I am not one for mythical creatures or people such as Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. But now that we have kids, I've been including them in our festivities in a Catholic manner that does not take away from the true meaning of the holiday or the reality of the event. My parents eliminated this whole world for me to protect me from lies and the possiblity of wondering if God was just another farce. So I think that's why I am trying to make it work in both a sensible and fun way. We have fun using our imagination.

My daughter is about ready to lose her first teeth (she tells me they are wiggily), so this story I found on Minnesota Mom's blog was too cute not to share. It's the story of the Tooth Fairy Mouse. I will be making sure that she knows that it is a fun story, but she always will know who really sneaks into her bedroom at night - not a stranger or mythical character - but her parents who care about her and want her to have a good time full of imagination!

Once upon a time there was an oyster in the ocean. This oyster was heartbroken because he had lost the beautiful pearl he made.

You know oysters make pearls, right?
The oyster shared his sorrow with an octopus who lived nearby.
“I am sorry that you lost your pearl,” the octopus said. “What did it look like?”
“It was hard, white, smooth and shiny!” replied the oyster.
“I will do what I can to help you find it,” said the octopus, and off he went.

The octopus swam along the ocean until he found a kind old sea turtle. “Kind turtle,” the octopus said. “Oyster has lost his pearl. Will you help us find it?”

“Certainly!” the sea turtle said, and he swam off straightaway. He swam along the shore, searching high and low for the oyster’s pearl. Soon he met a little mouse by the name of Ratoncito Perez. He asked Ratoncito to help him in the search for Oyster’s pearl and Ratoncito raced off to the village by the bay.

On the way, he found a tiny little button buried in the sand. Could this be it? No. It was shiny, white and smooth but it was not hard.
He found a small pebble by the road. Could this be it? No. It was hard, white and smooth but it was not shiny.
He found a small coin in the marketplace. Could this be it? No. It was hard, smooth and shiny but it was not white. The little mouse put the coin in his pocket. (He was not dumb, after all!)

He scooted up the side of a quaint little cottage and into the bedroom window of a boy named Mario. There, on Mario’s dresser, was the tooth that Mario had lost that night. Ratoncito was overjoyed! The tooth was hard, white, smooth and shiny!

He took the tooth, leaving the coin behind, and Oyster was very pleased with this new treasure.

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