Tuesday, August 26, 2008

About a Girl

Happy 6th Birthday to my Mikayla!

Mikayla with her friend Katherine (Jamie's Daughter) in their twirly skirts.

It's been a long week and a half of Mikayla's Birthday Celebration. Her actual birthday was Monday the 25th. We began at my cousin's house for the Wicks' family summer birthdays.

Mac, Mikayla, and Betsey (Melissa's cousin's children) -Tony in the foreground.

Followed by a celebration with Melissa's family - Mikayla's grandparents, aunt and uncle. (Because of a Blogger's Tea Party on Friday morning, the kids stayed at Grandma's, then Tom and I joined them for a birthday dinner, sleepover, Guys golfed in Sat morning, followed by a casual play day.)

Papa Bruce, Grandma Pat with Sabrina and Stanley

Auntie Annaleah and Mikayla

L-R: Bobby (Annaleah's boyfriend), Uncle Michael, Auntie Annaleah, (cousin Joey in front)

So what is left to do? Have the most girliest birthday party ever for Mikayla and her friends. She was asked to look in the yearbook and pick 6 of her closest friends to come for a purple butterfly party.

And mommy got in butterfly/purple mode for a week picking out and creating decorations. Her main requests were for sparkly things, butterfly things like butterfly sandwiches, time to play, and lots of balloons.

So that's exactly what she got. The girls arrived to the decorations in perfection. They were asked to sit at the table, where a placecard (from Target's dollar section nailpolish in a box that had a cupcake, name on the frosting) was set for them. They could color their paper doiley placemat and look through their goodie bags. Each girl got in their goodie bag a butterfly activity book and pencil, candy, ring pop, and stick on earings found at Party City.

The kids meal was all about metamorphasis. We started with a catepillar string cheese, chrystalis grapes, and butterfly sandwiches. This was a tea party lunch so we had warm apple cider poured from a tea pot into their plastic tea cups. And some delicious tea cookies.

After some play time outside and with Mikayla's collection of barbie dolls, doll house, and kitchen setup - we came back to the table to make a tissue paper butterfly. The kind where they wrap the tissue around a pencil end, dip it in glue, and stick them tightly to the butterfly paper cutout. This went a little slow and most didn't finish. They wanted to play again. Luckily only 2 out of 7 girls weren't into dolls.

We finished with ice cream and mini bundt cakes that I colored the batter purple, and they got to frost them.

When I mentioned that she could chose to recieve food donations for the food shelf in lieu of gifts, she excitedly requested it of her guests. The giving was overwhelming! Even her grandma and distant friends pitched in. A table full of food and school supplies, about 2 laundry baskets full. I can't wait to take her to Catholic Charities to bring the baskets of food.

I cannot believe she is 6 already and starting first grade. Where did all that time go?

This was just the highlight of our weekend, so much else happened! I went to a Blogger's Tea (posting that later on my personal blog), and I've been working intensely on our school year that I will post about soon. I have so much to catch up on!


  1. The girls had a blast!! Great party, Mikayla will remember it forever!! (she better, right?)

  2. I love the donation table! LOvely idea!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Mikayla!!

    I *LOVE* the twirly skirts!!! I am dying to learn how to sew so I can make a couple for my little girls... I am just so nervous to try!

  4. The party was so much, I am stil recovering and cleaning up. Next year, something at another location! Sabrina's 1st birthday is just a few weeks away...

    If anyone wants the twirly skirt pattern, I have a word document of it (6MB) that I can email. It has a picture for each step. Very basic sewing. Just don't forget to iron the folds before sewing.

    Thanks for the comments!


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