Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Last Year... a "young adult!"

Well, here's a final cheers to my youth. I have only one year left as a "young adult" as I celebrate this - my 29th birthday - today Nov 13th. I know I can still be youthful, but not young.

I've always been about birthdays and parties. Celebrating with all the enthusiasm and spirit I got. But the older I've become, and the less I've been celebrated, the less enthused I've become about the whole birthday thing. I swore I'd never let that happen, and here I am wondering why I'm even writing about it. It's really just another day. Right?

I can however look back today and see so many happy moments that I am proud make up such a big part of my life. From baby/kid milestones, to teenage achievements, and to marriage and parenthood joys.

^ Something I put together quickly - click to enlarge.

I can look back and see that every party my mom ever threw for me, every angel food cake she baked - topped with strawberries and coolwhip, every thoughtful gift and special meal, the infamous birthday sign hung proudly, the good morning kiss on my cheek, or a even just a phone call around 11am to tell me what she was doing that day so long ago... says just how special I am to her. And of course dad would always come to the phone and join in the chorus of "Happy Birthday" and bring more tears to my eyes. Today my mom (& brother) is even coming over just to spend the day with me and the kids. [Praying for decent weather.] If that doesn't all say "I Love You!"... And of course, my kids and hubby always have something special planned like a dinner date and handmade cards, as well as massages and kisses.

It makes me realize that I need to make CERTAIN that I do the same for my children, every year, so that they can look back on their 29 years and know how much I loved them and how special they are to me and the rest of this world. That their lives were a gift from God, as was my own. And we all need to live each day appreciating those in our lives. And reminding them every chance we get that "WE LOVE YOU" dearly.

So while today, the focus may be on me just having an especially good day. I am going to make sure that everyone around me knows they are special too and I love them right back!

May God Bless you, friends. May His face shine upon you, and bring you peace.

Love you all,

I know, I know - I had a dorky phase too! And for some weird reason I went from white blonde hair to light brown?

Please share your birthday memories or traditions in the comment box!


  1. Happy almost-shared Birthday! Your pictures are great -- what a wonderful smile throughout your life! Enjoy your day -- 30's are great!!!

  2. . . . may God grant you many more years!! God bless!!

  3. Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!!

    This is an exciting time, to not be considered a young adult, isn't it? You are far beyond that anyway!!

    The kids loved your utube birthday video!

    I thank God for bringing you into my life this past year and ask Him to bless your life abundantly!!!

    My rosary will be for you today!
    Love you!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

    PS, I love your hair at age 27, very pretty!!

  4. Happy, happy and blessed birthday Melissa!!!

    How did you do those wonderful white photo collages. It was great seeing the progression.

  5. My Dad wrote...

    This is Sooooooo coooool! I really enjoyed it and you are still the "apple of my eye" ! (Not that Annaleah and Michael aren't but you are our first!) Mom, asked me this morning if I was dressed properly for the hospital - reminding me of what happened 29 years ago. I can't even come close to telling you how much both Mom and I love you, but maybe someday in heaven we'll be able to express it fully! You are a great person and daughter. Thank you for sharing this, the pictures brought fond memories and tears... (of joy!) May you have the best of all birthdays and may God bless your day with great joy and happiness.

    Love to you, Tom, Mikayla, Stanley and little Sabrina

    Hope to see you soon for one of those great hugs! (I envy Mom and Michael being able to spend the day with you! - send one of those hugs home with Mom)


  6. Thank you everyone for the birthday greetings!

    The day was fabulous, and I hope to post about it. I haven't had such a special birthday in years. I really FELT THE LOVE!

    Regarding my picture collages...
    1. I laid out all my pictures on my school table that is covered in a blue table cloth.
    2. I took the pictures and uploaded them to MS Picture It! program.
    3. I clicked the color selector tool, which selected all the blue areas. I clicked delete and it then appeared white, leaving just the photos viewable.
    4. For the year by year image, I just copied a section of those photos from before, and copy/pasted them into a new 5x7 image and added text.

    Not too hard, the most time consuming thing was finding all the photos, despite the fact my mom still has most of them.


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