Friday, January 16, 2009

A way to save in 2009!

This new year is definately going be focusing on ways to save money, as most people are realizing. I personally am not a coupon clipper, but even if I was - wouldn't have to, and I want to take one post to share with you why. I'll just say ahead of time, I'm not very good at writing about this breifly - when there is so much to say. But I really want to tell you the best I can!!!

I hope you will read along to get in on how you can save hundreds, go green, and possibly make money all at the same time.
I have been a part of a family for the past 12 years that does just this - the Melaleuca family. Melaleuca, Inc is a wellness company which creates products that are on the leading edge of effective, eco-safe and eco-nomically friendly. We have the best patented and high quality products when it comes to supplements, cleaners, and personal care products. That's just a pebble on the mountain!

How advanced are we?

Of course right now, the main staple I buy from them is my prenatal vitamins and supplements. As you can see, they also contain a Prental Omega 3 which has DHA and EPA. I love to brag these supplements because they really work, and they're the best you can buy. You can read about their first real success story with the septuplets born to Kenneth and Bobbi McCoughey! This was back in 1997, and as great as it was back then - prenatals have come a long way. Tom and the kids use the other supplements available, from which they also obtain many benefits.

We also can't live without our Melaleuca laundry detergent, brightener, softner, pre-spot, mouthwash, surface cleaners, medical grade lotion, fat-bruning bars, dish detergent and everything else you'd find at your convenience stores. Best working, scientifically tested and compared, non-caustic, formeldahyde free, biodegradible, highly concentrated, cost effective - awesome!
All of these products you can buy direct, but if you understand that this is a replacement shopping system - and a way to improve your health... you can become a preferred customer when you register through a Marketing Executive like myself... and save 30%! Compared to National Brands - you'd be saving hundreds.

Watch this cute video at
about the 6x concentrated laundry detergent
in comparison to leading store brands.

Also, when you register as a preferred customer and place your first order - you can buy a starter Value Pack for an additional $100 off - plus Every New Customer gets $100 in Loyalty Shopping Dollars. Plus, when you order online every month, you will get 15% of your order in Advantage Dollars that you can use on future purchases. Plus, if you enroll new customers you can earn commission bonuses.

How can they do all this? Because they've been a reputable, growing (INC 500) company for the past 20 years, and they know what they're doing! They don't do any advertising in the mainstream market. It's called Direct Marketing. It's a word of mouth company that has thousands of satisfied customers - who all order online or by phone, and have their products shipped UPS. What if you're not one of the satisfied customers - well, that's okay and unlikely - but they have a 100% Guarantee on all their products.

If you want to learn more, click on any of these links or ask me a question! For those close by, I'd love to do a sit down presentation with our catalog.

Melaleuca Links

Thank you for your time!

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  1. Oh my word. I love their products!! Their soy candles are the best, have you tried those yet?


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