Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy New Year 2010



Counting Down to 2010 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



It’s been wonderful to have Tom home for a holiday break. The kids have enjoyed his playfulness. But now he’s focused on making sure he gets back to work in the next week. The job of a carpenter is always so uncertain and stressful. While he prays the St. Joseph novena, please be sure to keep him in your prayers.




Sabrina is another character in our family. Mommy found her a used bed on craigslist, and we set it up in the living room to be sure it was good. I have never seen such excitement on my kids faces. It seemed to top Christmas present opening it was so compelling. They had to give it the full kid approved test. Including a sleepover in the living room and imagination central. Stanley is also very excited to have his bunkbeds together in the boys room.




Sabrina, as you may have already read, is potty training. Today is day 3 and so far so good.


Potty Training Sabrina


She’s our Tinkerbell girl, who just grew up as she left Never-never Land and decided she wants to be a big girl. Pony tails and all! 


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           Sabrina in ponytails


Jonathan is growing up fast too. He’s already 6 months old today. He’s baby talking, eating food including his biter biscuits for the months ahead of teething. He’s a momma’s boy, but that’s okay for now. Having four kids is much harder than mommy thought, but it’s worth every moment. Just a lot of adjustments to make.

        Winter Afternoon



Mikayla 1st Reconciliation

The other big news is that Mikayla has made her First Reconciliation.  She worked really hard to receive this beautiful Sacrament. For those who don’t understand it, it’s all about admitting your sins to God and receiving absolution through the Priest who represents Christ Jesus. Complete forgiveness to a soul that is now white as the snow outside. As fresh as the Mentos she had before she went. A life saved by more than just a minty Life Saver, but the real thing – Our Savior Jesus. I am so proud of our little girl, who’s become such a beautiful little lady.  Be sure to ask her what she all did that evening! She’s so excited about it.


Thanks for sharing in our memories!

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