Thursday, March 4, 2010

Breaking News!

News of the day: Mikayla rode her bike without training wheels – today!

My mom, Pat, had been at Target and scored me a great deal on a new bike, which I haven’t had in years. A cruiser normally $170 was on clearance for only $37! So with the sun shining and the roads cleared off, I was determined to pedal around the block at least once. The weather was a little chilly at 39 degrees, but not too bad. My daughter who’d been trying the past 2 summers to ride without training wheels saw me pedal off and had more enthusiasm than ever.

So I took her down the sidewalk, holding onto the greatest invention in this situation (mine is u-shaped, but same idea):
Pushing Rod

a back saver for parents. I felt like she was getting it. We moved onto the street, and when she seemed to have it I let go. She had no idea! I decided to jog alongside of her with a prideful smile across my face. She nearly fell over when she saw me! I swear it was another hour or more until I got her to come inside.

We took out the other kids bikes, including one we bought off craigslist last fall for Sabrina which is the same size as Stanley’s but a girly purple. She liked it, but is not enthused about pedaling and is not happy that hers does not have a bell (yet).


A few weeks ago, we joined the HEY group (Home Educated Youth) for a field trip to the bowling alley. Here are some fun photos from that day, which Tom was thrilled he could join us for.

100_0483 100_0491 
Stanley’s first year bowling with us. We loved having the whole family there to cheer everyone on!

Jonathan’s girly-friend kept him company. They are just a few weeks apart, and I am sure will grow up to be great friends! Tom was a big help with the kids, but he got a few frames in himself. It sure is different than Wii Bowling!

  Mikayla with her buddies had blast, especially when the music came on and the lights went off for Xtreme (moonlight) Bowling! I think they danced more than they bowled.


News of the Month: Jonathan can sit up on his own (Boppy for the over-protective mother), and is working on crawling! Where did the past 7 1/2 months go? He’s my cuddle bug, for now. (Thanks Auntie Annie for the blankee, he loves it!)


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