Saturday, October 23, 2010

Do you have a Zhu Zhu?

Zhu Zhu Pets are getting my kids attention these days. Anyone else?




Story begins – my mom gave us a card for Easter that read something like… For Easter we would like the children to go to the local pet store and chose 4 hamsters. We have paid for everything upfront.


Then on the back was… “Early April Fools!” Then the kids opened their baskets which had these zhu zhu pets and the 2 main rooms. Hamsters that run on batteries, interact with rooms and each other, and don’t eat or poop. Well, they do eat batteries…




Turns out you can’t have just the two rooms… you need accessories…



Once we added the slide and pool room – wow – these things really came to life. They make sounds, sing, dance, interact with each other. It’s very adorable. Each one has around 40 sounds it makes and there is a motion sensor inside. Each activity you add to their home brings more action and adventure for these little critters – and for the kids too!






Of course, having all the rooms and slide for their hamsters wasn’t enough (for me)! Mikayla and I got creative and made our own hamster houses out of shoe boxes and magazine clippings. Mine had a piano, pillow, prayer and dining areas, clothes, toys, holy pictures, treats, you name it. Funny thing is, one of the hamsters kept visiting it over and over again as if it liked it! he he




 ZhuZhu Pet homesZhuZhu Pet homes


ZhuZhu Pet homes        

This cover was made from clippings of different colored shirts in magazines as well as images from catholic catalogs which have mini pictures. It was assembled onto a clear laminate sheet then wrapped around the lid of the shoe box.


Sabrina won’t leave her Pipsqueak at home alone. She carries it everywhere, dead batteries, matted fur, basically a ragged rat looking thing now. She gave it a bath, so it doesn’t work anymore. I can’t even imagine what she’d do with a real hamster!?


Of course the ZHU ZHU toy company couldn’t stop there… now my kids are excited to earn their very own ZHU ZHU WARRIOR PETS! You know, to get some “fresh” ones to play with. These are available complete with battle stations, outfits, etc. Fun and cute in its own weird little way…



…So we prepared and bought a battery recharger and lots of AAs.


Tom is thinking somewhere the cuteness crossed over to crazy. What do you think?

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