Friday, October 22, 2010

Thank you St. Joseph for interceding for us!

Dear Friends and Family,

Thanks be to GOD and St. Joseph our intercessor of prayers, and thanks to all our prayerful friends. Our prayers have been answered! WE JUST SOLD OUR HOUSE for 3% under asking price in 3 weeks! Take that housing market!


St. Joseph. He has always been a saint who speaks to Jesus in our behalf. On Oct 4, 2010 we listed our home for sale. The sign went in the ground the next day, as did St. Joseph (statue). We began the 9 day Novena immediately. Within an hour we got a call for our first showing. They came back a second time, plus two other showings in the first two weeks. (Keep in mind this is a terrible sellers market.) On day 9 of our 9 day novena, we got an offer from that first showing's buyer. We feel the Holy Spirit guiding us, and St. Joseph watching over us as we "make our move." 

I want others to know that the statue is not magic. It is the dedication to prayer and belief that St. Joseph will intervene for us to God - that is what brings the buyer - your faith. When we buried St. Joseph at our home back in 2006, we did not commit to prayer and God's will. It took over one year to sell our home. Sure there were other things that made it difficult to sell, but I still believe our faith has helped us this time for a quick sale.

So here we are, thanking and praising God for such a blessing. We go on our final home search on Sunday and from there - we move just after Thanksgiving if all goes well. Helpful hands, boxes and prayers are requested. If anyone has a few hours in their day to watch our beautiful children so we can pack, we'd be forever grateful.

For those who live in this area, I can only say that we will miss you dearly and will try to visit often. We will be moving to about an hour south of here. Far away from here, basically. If I think of it too much, I think I'll cry! It's just one of those things we have to do to get where we wanna be. Luckily we’ll always have blog world and facebook to stay connected!

Thank you again and again - for your prayers, friendship, encouragement and more.

Tom & Melissa

Mikayla, Stanley, Sabrina and Jonathan

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  1. Praise God!! This is a wonderful testimony!! I like the new look, by the way! blessings!!!


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