Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Curlicues, Cutie Pies and Curriculum

My toddlers are extremely active and energetic. It shows in their hair, all springy with curlicues. Something my husband would have if he let his hair grow.

To feed their desire to join us for school, I fell in love with Lacy at Catholic Icing’s Catholic ABCs preschool program
Catholic ABC's

It is full of activities for the #1-5 and A-Z, all Catholic lessons complete with a teacher’s script. My children are so excited for this part of the week. I modify each lesson for my children ages 1, 3, 6, 8. It’s mostly about the crafts for them, but they are learning something new… I just know it!

Here are images of our first two lessons.
We believe in ONE God
Catholic ABCs - 2
Noah led the animals on the ark TWO by TWO
Catholic ABCs - 2
Catholic ABCs - 2Catholic ABCs - 2
We just followed her directions, with a little twist. We cut a flap in the boat to open up as the ramp and added a green strip for the grassy path full of animals. We used Mrs. Grossmann’s stickers which were exactly the right number for 3 kids.
Chubby Zoo AnimalsChubby Farm Animals
Zoo and Farm
Also, a great Noah sticker kit at Oriental Trading! Or grab their Ark kit:
Design Your Own! Giant Noah’s Ark-Shaped Sticker Scenes

Catholic ABCs - 2
Thanks Catholic Icing for this fabulous resource! I highly recommend it.

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