Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Medieval Lesson and Family Crests

Monthly, local homeschoolers get together at the Library for a class on History, Art or Science. Our first lesson with this new group was Medieval Life for kids. We learned about the Family Crest, social levels, food, watched a video about worst jobs of that time, what kids wore and did in those days, and much more. Here are some pictures from that day.

Michalek Family Coat of Arms 2011

Before class, I helped create The Michalek’s Coat of Arms and made some basic images for the kids to assemble their own on cardboard during class. Our Family Motto is based on our school prayer. “Be pleasant. Have joy in God’s Graces. Show Love.” Or in latin “Adfulgeo. Exultatio Honors Prae Deus. Affectus.” Sounds more like a magicians spell? Anyways, our symbols represent our adorning love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Brigid as our patron saint, hope to reap rewards of hard work, mothering spirit, and Jesus and Mary at the center of our days. Every square inch of it has a meaning.

Medieval HistoryMedieval HistoryMedieval History


You can learn more and create your own from ideas found on the web.

Create your own Medieval Persona:


Medieval HistoryMedieval History

Medieval HistoryMedieval History

We discussed and reenacted the plague

 Medieval History

and watched a youtube video about “The Worst Jobs of the Middle Ages.”

Medieval History


And we tasted some tasty snacks. We had baked apples with honey and buckwheat pancakes. Mmmm, surprisingly.Medieval History

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