Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Exciting Laundry Room

I never thought I could be so excited about an appliance or a utility room as I am.

There was this whole debate before we listed our last house for sale, to keep or not to keep the washer and dryer. It was our only bargaining chip in getting our asking price.
Big Lake Twp House
Our new house had a washer and dryer in it, basic laundry tub with a very ridiculous faucet hookup and piping. I hated going in that dungeon, and the washer held half a load. Not good for a growing family of 6. Luckily, knowing this before hand we grabbed Home Depot’s black friday deals and our new set arrived Feb 9th. Yes, Dec 9-Feb 1 we used the itty bitty load washer/dryer, and 1 week without due to selling them.
With the arrival of these new, high-tech, he, high capacity LG washer and dryers, we had to prep the room!

Can you say – INTERIOR DESIGN STRATEGY! Loved it.

Tom was off work, so Mr. Carpenter went to work for me. The neighbor replumbed the whole wall. Tom built the walls, sheetrocked and painted. I hung shelves with his help, picked out the sink stuff, and laid the vinyl floor tiles. I actually like going in there. Isn’t it pretty?!
Before Big Lake Twp House
After Basement

Tom is back to work, so there are actually chances for ME to do the laundry. He’s such a homemaker! Even the kids are excited for laundry sessions, because these LGs are AWESOME! I am telling you, these incredible machines play a little ditty when done. It can’t get better that that!

If you haven’t seen the indoor display and demo, you gotta! I could fit a king size quilt inside, or two little dirty kids. With a glass lid and door, my kids stand there for a long time just watching it work, and admittedly so do we!

Click on the pictures for more info.

lg-Washers-WT5101HW-Large lg-Dryers-DLEX5101W-Large

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  1. Hi,
    I found you through Jessica at Shower of Roses...I just love your new laundry room! That will be the set that I purchase...very soon I hope! Enjoy!
    Janel from NJ


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