Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Peek at our Easter

HOLY WEEK 2012: http://stbrigidsacademy.blogspot.com/2012/03/holy-week-and-easter-plans-2012.html

Easter Vigil was spent with Tom's parents, a non-traditional menu, a movie and lighting our candles. I painted my toes lime green for sandals the next day. Looked like Easter Eggs. {What was that, oh I mean Spring Spheres! j/k}
Easter Sunday, we made our Easter Paschal Candle, surrounded by a colorful crown without thorns and easy tissue paper flowers. The kids and I had so much fun with this one craft time.
I made a Marshmallow Massacre or Rice Krispie Bars made with leftover marshmallow peeps, coconut, slivered almonds and m&m minis!
Next year I gotta try this one from TheKitchn.com:

The coat closet ledge got its quick makeover.
The opening of the baskets and egg hunt commenced.100_3722100_3723Easter 2011
Note: I let them pick the items this year. Umbrellas, 3D chalk, stickers, notebooks, Shaun the Sheep dvds and Ikea kids kitchen toys. I added some gel window clings for a surprise. I shopped Target the day after for 50% off deals for next year.
"Waaaaeh" translated, I want my picture taken too!100_3718
And off to a beautiful Mass celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus! Well, that was until all the crayons spilled, Jonathan screamed if Tom didn't wear Sabrina's pink bonnet, the chit chat behind us, Jonathan's escape, and I couldn't sit or kneel down due to the spread of books, color sheets and quiet toys. (just breathe) OH THE GRACES obtained during a Mass! ;-)
100_3727 Not bad for the wear.
We went to my parents home for the fun and food, which was scrumptious. Mom makes every holiday fun and great fellowship.
Once home, we read scriptures from our Easter Tree in our pjs.
Slept like a lamb, or a chick in its egg.


  1. Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family!!

    You look beautiful, that dress is really pretty!

    Those melting peeps.....look disgusting!! hahah!!

  2. Loved your Easter Paschal Candle!! I will link to you in my blog!! BLessings!!


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