Thursday, April 14, 2011

Young Writers

Yesterday, I had Stanley write our grocery list for handwriting. Mikayla spelled the words for him after I shouted them out from behind the kitchen cabinets. They really enjoyed this simple activity. Mikayla then came along with the list to shop for the much needed groceries.


Stanley’s handwriting is so impressive for a 1st Grader, especially with the way he insists on holding his pencil. He was so thrilled he could “help out.” He’s been so much better about that lately. He is almost 7.

Sabrina 3 1/2 recognizes all her letters and has taken to writing and drawing anywhere she pleases, including her bedroom wall. I’m hoping Jonathan, closing in on 2 years old,  doesn’t catch on to her methods.

Mikayla, gr 3 and almost 9, is learning the art of cursive (along with diagramming, division and fractions – eek). She loves to read and is excellent at spelling and grammar, but we’re really working on her ability to write reports. She agreed that I could share with you her most recent writing assignment. A week long project, which she then typed up herself!


Summer Vacation Spot

Written by Mikayla - March 2011

Every summer my family and grandparents take a weeklong trip. Twice we have been to the Timberidge Waterpark in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

They have a mushroom waterfall, tree house, a humungous checkerboard and Bruce the Moose. I think my little brother likes the baby swings and the lazy river, but my two favorite things are the floating logs with a rope web to hold onto and the big, green slide.

When we get out of the warm pool, we bundle up in our warm and cozy towels. Then we visit the café for the fizzy pops and the salty chips with melted cheese dip.

We all love going on our summer vacations. My favorite vacation location is the Timberidge Waterpark. Consider going there on your next trip.

Lake Geneva WILake Geneva WI


Lake Geneva WILake Geneva WIS vacation (117)

The kids don’t know it, but we’re going somewhere this summer that’ll top this! I’m surprised she didn’t write about last year’s trip to Disney World in Florida!? That would be one of my favorite places.

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