Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Keeping in Touch

Schools out for summer! Well, almost.

Schools EndSchools End

I haven't blogged for awhile. The sun has been out, so we've been out. Snake River Farm field trip, Homeschool Picnic, and fun in our new yard. Some end of the workbook pages have yet to be completed. But who could stay inside!


Water provides hours of fun, in our beautifully shaded back yard.

Snake River Farm FTSnake River Farm FTSnake River Farm FTSnake River Farm FT

First horse ride for the kids.


Our new homeschool group! Making new friends is getting easier.


100_4238<Mikayla's new best buds.


I have many backburner ideas I've started blogs about, but have yet to finish. Anyone waiting on my Catholic ABC project pictures?  It's coming. On my blogsite, you can see a new tab about Free MN Fun. It's a work in progress about free and cheap places to visit with your kids. Please let me know if you have any additions. While the ones I list are in Minnesota, you may find similar places in your area.

Kids Bowl Free - Memorial Day<


I've been set in motion since we got warmer weather. We've finished our landscaping endeavors, and have moved on to building our kids first clubhouse. The framed walls are up, and we can't wait to show you all the pictures! Here's a few landscaping memories…




Tom's been home unemployed, as usual each summer. But we're much more prepared as we've had a few years practice. Just keep us in your prayers, that he follow the right path to find work or if he should be moving onto another career. He may soon begin classes to get a teaching degree to become a Carpentry Teacher at a local college, or become a safety instructor. He's also applying to be a part time maintenance man at our church. In the meantime, he's my handyman.



It's just a matter of weeks before my sister gets married, so we've been having Sabrina practice her flower girl role. She's done very well, but Jonathan seems to think she's making a mess. He comes up behind her to clean up the flowers and fluff the carpet with the paint roller. Can't wait to see how this goes at the real thing.

Flower Girl Practice Annaleah Bridal Shower100_4029


We also celebrated Stanley's 7th Birthday. We started with brunch at the Denny's Diner, watching Kung Fu Panda 2 at the theatre, and Papa Murphy's for supper. We had a wonderful time.

Stanley 7 Birthday100_4294Stanley 7 Birthday

Happy Birthday buddy!

Stanley 7 BirthdayStanley 7 Birthday

The pancakes arrived with a candle, and here's Stanley making a wish.

Stanley 7 BirthdayStanley 7 Birthday


Stanley 7 BirthdayStanley 7 Birthday


A healthy treat idea to share with you. Yes, it WAS delicious!

Memorial Day Treat


Thanks for sharing in our memories at

There's more fun to come!

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