Monday, July 25, 2011

What a pain in the house.

You all remember this picture?



This tree has been "a pain in the house" for a few weeks now. Last week we had a lot of people giving estimates, measuring, turning on loud fans and humidifiers, etc. The guys started residing the wind and hail damaged sides - the shaded side! It's cypress green dutchlap. It looks spectacular!



Today we begin the roof demo. Inside the cabinets are either moved or covered. Appliances in the living room. And my entire craft room is packed into the play area downstairs. It's such a mess in here, it's driving me crazy. I keep telling myself and Tom, at least we were lucky enough to pack up our things - many don't have the opportunity.



It's not too hot outside, but hot/humid enough. I feel bad for them getting their sweat dripping clothes and arms covered in fluffy, itchy insulation.



Today we pack up and move into the local hotel for at least one week. A perfect opportunity for us to come visit some of our friends!

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