Tuesday, November 1, 2011

American Saints

A blessed All Saints Day to all my friends! Enjoy these links to some saintly ideas for your classroom!


In Catholic theology, all people are potentially saints by God's grace, and all those who have completed their earthly sojourn and enjoy the Beatific Vision merit the title. But the Church recognizes in a special way particular men and women (and boys and girls) who have exhibited holiness in life to an exemplary degree. Recognition as saints happened in various ways throughout the history of Christianity, but in recent centuries an elaborate canonization process has developed and has become the norm.”

- Catholic History.net  Visit their website for info on the American Saints.



All For Mary: American Saints

Father Damien

Elizabeth Ann Seton

John Neumann

Rose Duschesne

Isaac Jogues

Rene Goupil

Katharine Drexel

Frances Cabrini

Saint Mother Theodore Guerin

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha

Blessed Junipero Serra

Blessed Francis Seelos

Blessed Mother Marianne Cope




Earn Patches as you learn about the saints!

The National Catholic Committee on Scouting ® has created a program called “Footsteps of American Saints.” It comes complete with activities and patches, which you can order for official presentation or print out to award your children at home.





Saints Fun Facts in preparation for All Saint Day


Directions for an October countdown to All Saints Day.


Guess Who Saints Template1

This is a fun new version of "Guess Who?" I found by

Arma Dei and Shower of Roses. Can't wait to play!


For those of us who are crafty…


S is for a garden of Saints, directions here.


Saints A-F

Wooden Saint Dolls ideas here.


100_2384saint anne stitched

Embroider your favorite saints! Directions here.


Admiring the Saints who've gone before us.

Disney Play Costumes Native American Costume

My very own St. George and Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha.


We also have a Bl. Teresa of Calcutta, St. Joseph and St Therese amongst us!



For parents, has anyone read and have a review for:

American Catholic : the saints and sinners who built America's most powerful church / Charles R. Morris

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  1. wow! great resources Melissa!! Your customs are fabulous!


Thank you for reading about our family. I look forwards to sharing ideas, joys and struggles. God Bless you in your journey!


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