Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Feeling more tired but less tangled

24 Weeks with Edward Joseph_thumb[1]Our Family Christmas 2011_thumb[4]

This is me (at 24 weeks), minus 8 inches of Hair (at 32 weeks)

Melissa Cut Her Hair 7-8in_thumb[1]

I held it up in the air as high as I could reach, and CHOP! And amazingly, I like it. At least while my hair is still pregnancy thick! No more old lady bun to my husband's delight. :) But now I have the detail curling and primping to do each day…. oh well.


Little baby Eddie isn't so little anymore.


Feeling more and more pregnant at Christmas - we're taking it lighter on schoolwork for awhile. It's more fun to be crafty, bake cookies, and practice handwriting on cards [than do basic math and learn English lessons I've never used in my adulthood]. This week seems to be clean up and play with all the new toys week.

One of the highlights was our homeschool group's Christmas Party. We had quite a turn out and was super fun. They were so happy to be there, many didn't even stop to get in the picture, including our Jonathan.

NWMH Christmas Party

Oh, there he is!



I had a Crocheting Christmas (you can read about here).

Crocheted Hats by Mommy_0009_thumb

Christmas time has been a real adventure. Now everyone is so excited for the new year and all the adventures it hold for us! Including Baby Eddie coming in February, parties, sledding, camping, building, and whatever we put our minds to!

Our Family Christmas 2011_0001_thumb[5] We love you all!

Our Family Christmas 2011_0002_thumb[5]

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  1. Beautiful pictures Melissa of you and your family! Your new hair do looks great! Enjoy the rest of the Christmas season with your family!!


Thank you for reading about our family. I look forwards to sharing ideas, joys and struggles. God Bless you in your journey!


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