Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Only days away

Feb Frost

February and no snow, but a beautiful frost! We actually had a campfire this past week. Yes, that is very odd - even for Minnesota.

Counting down the days until our sweet little Eddie is born. I'm definitely in nesting mode, cleaning like crazy and trying to get all those last minute tasks complete. It's been a wonderful pregnancy, the easiest of seven. I am glad to say my third trimester nightmares have come to an end. But I must say, I am certainly ready to have this baby. I am ready to get my energy back, my flexibility back, my back back! Here are some things I've been working on that may be of interest to you while I'm kicking back for the next few weeks.


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Feb 14th: Will you be my Valentine? - marriage, crafts, gift ideas, etc


Coming soon… Melissa's Organization Quick Tips

What's new with us …

>Tom is home on a short work break, which works out for me! He's tackling projects and cleaning that need doing.  It's hard to be a happy helper with kids tearing your tidiness apart behind you. I tell him he has something to offer up!

Happy 58 Bday Grandma Pat - Guys in the Kitchen

>I made a crocheted teddy for Eddie, and I'm sewing up a storm of projects for his arrival. That includes the memory blanket of fabric collected from our Sibling Shower guests. Just laid it out the other night. As well as a new nursing cover, playpen sheets, car seat canopy, bassinet sheets, and more. * While I still have two hands to do it!

Crocheted Teddy for EddieCar Seat Canopy

Eddies Memory Quilt

Nursing CoverNursing Cover


Grandma Pats Knitting Class

Happy 58th Bday Mom! Thanks for the impromptu knitting class!


>Mikayla got glasses, and they really bring out those big brown eyes! She loves to read, so these will come in handy. She's working on her own sewing and knitting projects in her beginners class by Mom & Grandma. She's also lost so many teeth lately, people might begin to wonder if she brushes!? (she does) The girls just got a new wardrobe from Ikea to hold all their dresses separate from their tiny shared closet. Their room is finally feeling organized and feminine.

Mikayla new glassesGirls dress wardrobe

>Stanley has a new love for Legos, a recent project was a set that belonged to his Daddy many years ago. He's joining in on the 4H club's Lego Robotics group. Tom and I are working on creating and leading a 4H Woodworking class for him and his friends. Stanley's a shy, girly guy - but his interests are so boyish (engineering  stuff) that more time with Dad is just what he needs. I love his little "Alfalfa" hair spike, it's so characteristic of Stanley.

Prenatal Dr ApptStanley and LegosStanley and Legos

>Sabrina is learning a lot from Leap Frog videos and toys we have. She's knee deep in baby dolls, legos, squinkees, princesses and coloring. She enjoys running around the house giving me motion sickness and keeping our first aid kit in good use.

Sibling ShowerAnnaleah and Bobby Schuster Wedding

>Jonathan thinks he's the man of the house; talking big, brushing his teeth, staying up late, sleeping in our bed, getting attempting to get his own snacks and drinks, putting in his favorite super hero dvds, basically doing as he pleases.  Recently, we had an argument which he ended with "But I'm Iron Man and I could shoot you!" Reminder, he's about 2 1/2 years old, so this all drives me nuts and makes me laugh at the same time.

Annaleah and Bobby Schuster Wedding100_5530100_5403


>Eddie is super healthy, and I keep asking him to come soon. Though a c-section is planned just 2 days before my due date.


> And the school room is ready for us to resume when ready…

School Room

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  1. I love the scchool room and Mikayla's glasses are cute. Hope everything went well today, you were all in our prayers:)


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